Synopsis: He is late. She is angry. He tries to explain himself, but words aren't necessary.

Caracola is the first shortfilm I have written and directed. It is the outcome of a practical exercise of my degree, where we had to produce a narrative short. The idea was to produce a story with the following limitations: no more than 10 minutes, one location and no more than three characters. The inspiration for the short came from an idea I had for a smartphone commercial. Luckily, the shortfilm has been received very well in film festivals, especially in those runned by deaf communities. It has also been selected as part of a short film catalogue / DVD for educational purposes, released by ALCINE Film Festival to help teachers to educate through narrative.


  • Duration: 6 min
  • Country: Spain
  • Production year: 2012
  • Production company: Communication School, University of Navarra



1ST PRIZE in Festival Tiempo Sur de La Palma 2013 (La Palma, Spain) 

2ND PRIZE in International Competition Cinemobile 2013 (Seville, Spain)

AUDIENCE RECOGNITION in IX Muestra de Cortometrajes San Rafael en Corto 2013, Gran Canaria (Spain)


ALCINE Film Festival 2015 (Spain) / section: Cinema and youngsters

Festival Cine de Madrid - Plataforma Nuevos Realizadores 2015 (Spain) / section: mincasor

13ª Muestra Joven ICAIC 2014 in La Habana (Cuba)

Tolosa International Film Festival 2014 (Spain)

Picture This... Film Festival 2014 (Canada)

Festival Clin d'Oeil 2013 (France)

Deaffest 2013 (Wolverhampton, United Kingdom)

II Festival de Arte en Signos de 2013 (Spain)

Pamplona Film Festival 2013 (Spain)