Synopsis: a dummy watches the days go by from his little shop, bored. But with the opening of a new store next to his, his life will change forever.

Dummies is the animation shortfilm I wrote and directed during my thesis degree project for my BA in Film, TV & Digital Media. It is the first animation project that is produced as thesis degree project in the University of Navarra and my first approach to animation. We were 5 students working on this project for 4 months to produce 7 minutes of film. I distributed it by my own sending it to film festivals around the world, having a great reception considering the apparent simplicity of the outcome. The most incredible experience was to receive an Honorable Mention in the Manhattan International Film Festival,  which meant that the short was screened in the United Nations.



  • Duration: 7 min
  • Country: Spain
  • Production year: 2013
  • Production company: Communication School, University of Navarra


  • Production: María Sánchez
  • Executive production: Carlos Bernar
  • Direction: Dani Álava
  • Script: Dani Álava, María Sánchez
  • Original Score: Álvaro H. Blanco
  • Visual development & animation direction: Javier Hidalgo
  • Set/props modelling & animation: David Alén
  • Character modelling & rigging: Guillermo Eiroa
  • Art direction & texturing: María Sánchez
  • Editing & posproduction: Dani Álava





BEST STUDENT SHORT in Cortisonanti Film Festival 2014 (Italy)

HONORIFIC MENTION in Manhattan International Film Festival 2014 (USA)

BEST ANIMATED SHORT t in Ciudad de Castellon Young Filmmakers Contest 2013 (Spain)





Cluj Comedy International Film Festival (Romania)

Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico de Monachil (Spain)


The Valley Film Festival (Los Angeles, USA)

Festival de Cine de Pamplona (Spain)

Deep Fried Film Festival (Scotland)

Festival Internacional de Cortos de Animación La Tribu (Argentina)

I WILL TELL International Film Festival (UK)

Tenerife Shorts Film Festival (Spain)

STIFF Student International Film Festival (Croatia)

Croq'Anime - 7 edition of the Festival du Film d'Animation de Paris (France)

DIVERCINE International Children and Young Film Festival (Uruguay)

18 Festival de Cine de Lima (Peru)

Meeting Rimini Film Festival (Italy)

Fourth Edition of Ojo al Piojo Festival, Rosario (Argentina)

Festival de Santovenia de Pisuerga (Spain)

Psarokokalo Athens International Film Festival (Greece)

Summa3D Animation Shortfilm Contest (Spain)

Cinemajove International Film Festival (Spain)

River Film Festival (Italy)

Cine a la Calle International Short Film Festival (Colombia)

Festival de Cine Medioambiental de Canarias (Spain)

LLAPI Film Festival (Kosovo)

FICAIJ Festival for Children and Youth (Venezuela)

11 Internationales low & no budget film-sharing Kurzfilmfestival (Germany)

Student Art Festival (USA)

Children's International Film Festival (Dubai)

Riverside Short Film & Video Festival (USA)

Festival de Málaga 2014 (Spain)

I Festival Cortometrajes ROLL de Madrid (Spain)

Kino Awards 2014 (Spain)

VI Certamen de Cortos ANGELIKA (Spain)

ClujShorts International Short Film Festival (Romania)

Cortos Rodinia Short Film Festival (Spain)

FIFEM Montreal International Children Film Festival (Canada)


Grand OFF 7th World Independent Film Awards (Poland)

Animax Skopje International Festival (Macedonia)

Golden Orchid International Animation Festival (USA)

ReAnimania Yeveran International Animation Festival (Armenia)

U Frame International Academic Film Festival (Portugal)

Fer Film Ferstival (Kosovo)

Banjaluka International Animated Film Festival (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Lanterna International Academic Film Festival (Mexico)

Girona Film Festival (Spain)